PortingNo matter if you are looking to put Android on a new device, custom device, or a newer Android version for existing devices, we can help you maximize the user experience for your device.

We have extensive experience porting of Android versions 2.3 to 4.x to a wide range of devices, with varying hardware and software configurations.


While Android originally was written for mobile phones, and recently have been extended to tablets too, some core Android functionality requires hardware that’s not commonly available on lower end consumer devices. With the popularity of Android, it is also getting used more and more in appliances that do not fit the Phone/Tablet model. We can help you get as much of core Android functionality running on any device, and make sure it utilizes as much of the available hardware features and resources as efficiently as possible.


To ensure the best quality and reliability of our software, we have automated testing facilities in place. All the supported core Android features that your device supports will be fully tested, both by our internal testing facility as well as the publicly available Android Compatibility Testsuite. This will also ensure maximum thirdparty application compatibility, so your users can make the most of their device!