User Support

User SupportNeed an all-in-one central web oriented service package for your customers, styled after your own website? Have all the Frequently Asked Questions, Forums, and Bug reporting facilities available for your customers.

This combined with continuous updates, you can provide the best product experience to your customers!


Where to go next?

We can supply your users with a landing page for the browser included in Android that helps them find their way in online resources relevant to their device. Fully customized for your users only, so you control what they get suggested and what not. It can also help them point to your support resources, or to any online services you offer. This is a great way to help your customers along after they bought your product!

User Support

We also offer a fully hosted package for user support. This will guide your user along in how to report any issues they might run into, and with the software on the device being able to report to the server software directly, it can help the user gather the relevant information without the user having to go about and collect the different pieces himself. We also provide a Frequently Asked Questions section and keep it updated over time, so your users will have many of their questions answered without having to phone or wait for an email response from you.


Over time, security updates and bug fixes are needed to keep the system running safe and sound. We can provide over the air updates, either from a hosted server on the internet, or provide the setup to do them from within your company. Depending on the package you select, these could include many enhancements and even newer Android versions as they come out. Which ever you choose, we will provide you with the tools to manage, track and select what will be pushed out to your customers…