CustomizationMatch the look and feel of your device with your company house style, integrate your company services with the Android system, or theme your device for a specific market? We can help!
Need an application market but you cannot get certified for Google Play? Let us help you reach deep integration with one of the alternative app markets, without sacrificing your users experience.


Look and Feel

We understand you want to have your device stand out from all others. Theme it to a particular customer or target market, or style it to match your company’s site and paperwork. We can help ensure your users will recognize your product in an instant, by ensuring the visual style appeals to them and associate it with your company. This can go from good use of images and icon placement on the default home screens, but also as far as color and ui theming all through the system. Style your product as you want!


An important part of the user experience of a device is the right selection of installed software, and an easy method of finding additional software. Even if you do not certify for Google Market, there are good alternatives available. We will work together with your application market of choice or help you select the one to use, making sure you get the maximum integration between the core Android software and the selected application market.

We can also help license appropriate software for inclusion or develop custom applications just for you specifically, to compliment the already existing Android software.


If your company already provides online services, we can help integrate these into your product more seamlessly, no matter if these services are public internet services, or local company intranet services. We will help your users find you, and help you to let your users make the most of the services you offer.